Educational project


Welcome to the creche!

We are committed to transmitting to children all the essential values that will be useful to them in everyday life.

Educational development must be a set of experiences, while respecting the personality and emotion of the child.

We guarantee emotional security.

About Us

A qualified multidisciplinary team (social educator, specialized educators, graduate educators, assistant educators) supervises your child and contributes to the development of his or her identity and self-esteem.

Our role is to facilitate the integration of the child into the group and to contribute to the development of his autonomy on a daily basis :

  • wash one’s hands
  • eat and drink alone
  • get dressed, brush your teeth …


Our educational staff also pays special attention to the transmission of good manners. Children learn to be polite, to behave properly at the table, to store games, to respect and to share.


We offer a balanced and varied diet with menus adapted for children with special dietary needs:

  • Allergies
  • Without pork
  • Vegetarian

Our qualified cook prepares tasty meals and pastries on a daily basis using fresh seasonal ingredients.

A snack is served in the mornings and afternoons.

Each week, discover a new menu mixing balance and diversification.

We offer a varied diet to children to develop their sense of taste.