Specific therapies


Therapy in the nursery

Our wish is to take into account the child as a whole psychic somato, which allows to establish the most complete care possible and thus to establish a privileged relationship in which the child is the subject of caring attention.


 that’s why we hired a specialized educator who has trained in different care practices. This is in order to be able to offer parents care tailored to the needs of each child, while respecting their uniqueness.

It intervenes (with the agreement signed by the parents) in individual care to allow the child to find his place while respecting his skills, his personal rhythm and his adaptability.



Floral elixirs, aimed at restoring emotional balance, this throughout the child’s development (jealousy, anger, sadness, shyness…)

From the age of 3, Bach’s elixirs can, in accordance with a request from the parents, help the child stabilize his emotions, both at the nursery and at home. Floral elixirs have no contraindications and can be used safely.

A thousand-year-old technique, which has already proven its effectiveness, it aims to stimulate the body’s energy by massaging the reflex points of the foot.

In children, the body’s response is even faster. Reflexology leads to deep relaxation, the child is very receptive.

Reflexology acts on stress, sleep, restlessness, difficulty concentrating, etc.

This treatment allows young people to adapt to their “new world” as well as to change.

This gentle massage technique is carried out with tiny suction cups and oil. Small movements are made to help the child improve a difficult transit, a clogged tear canal, or repeated bronchiolitis. This massage strengthens the lymphatic system, which is at the centre of the immune response.

This type of massage is very popular from an early age.

These are involuntary automatic movements present in newborns in response to certain stimuli. Their intensities vary from child to child and from one situation to another, they have a protective and survival role. In some children, some of the reflexes have not developed well or have not integrated well and the persistence of these reflexes constitutes body stress, a parasitization that disrupts learning and adaptation on a daily basis (balance, child who bites, difficulty coordinating, syncinsia, difficulty sitting properly, etc.

This treatment involves using different body techniques of movement in order to be able to integrate primitive reflexes and thus avoid the compensation mechanisms that block or hinder certain learnings.

It is a reflexology technique that is practiced on the feet, hands and head. It consists of a very light touch aimed at releasing energy, physical and emotional blockages accumulated during the prenatal period and at the time of birth.

It is indicated in all children but especially in babies and children who have had a difficult birth or whose mother has had a stressful pregnancy.

In the morning, muscle awakening and yoga movements are performed in groups. This is done within the limits of each child. A story is told to the children, always the same, in order to promote memorization. The latter is accompanied by different postures to be carried out in groups.

The goal is to awaken the body, and mind while promoting concentration and auditory, visual and gestural memorization as well as balance.